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The vision of the site is fairly simple, we want to promote businesses within local communities. We feel that local businesses offer far more value in the goods and services they provide. It's not just the cost of the service but knowing the work done is of a great standard.
We feel the best way to get this done is through advertising their goods and services for them as a local business index.
More than that though we realised that many local businesses do not have their own websites.
Sometimes this is because they generate enough business through word-of-mouth and having a great rapport with locals.
More often than not however it is because getting a website can seem as daunting, for example, as buying a car.
It's not just the cost that worries people but the whole management process - what will they charge me for? what's the support like?
The fact of the matter is big companies pay big money for websites that do all the dancing and singing their board of directors can conjure up.
Smaller, local businesses however are just looking to get their information online, almost like a digital business card. This should help to drum up extra business through web searches and customer recommendations. What it shouldn't do is take up hours of precious time in design, costing and maintenance and it shouldn't cost the Earth either.
Our product, we are hoping, will provide businesses with exactly what they need. An affordable, flexible web presence that targets local customers. We hope you agree with our vision of boosting communities and we are looking for local companies to try our product and we'd love you to drop us an email

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